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Asset Submission Steps

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2017 10:28AM PST

How to Validate and Submit Asset Files (Metadata/Album Art/Lyrics/Audio)

  1. Go to:
  2. Login with your username (email address) and password
  3. The "History Log" will be your initial landing page
  4. Click tab "Submission" to open the page to upload your asset files
  5. Upload asset files (metadata/album art/lyrics/audio) by:
    a.) dragging and dropping files into the browser window or
    b.) clicking "Select files to upload" in the upper left-hand corner and choosing files from your local directory.
    c.) for audio only, loading audio to Egnyte server following these steps and clicking "Import from Egnyte" (recommended for high volume)

    Note: If your metadata, lyric, or cover art file volume exceeds 100 files, please create a single zip containing all files for upload.  Please do not zip audio files. For more information, see article.
  6. Once Uploaded, file format validation completes automatically, click between tabs "Metadata", "Album Art", "Lyrics", and "Audio" to see feedback.  Only valid files will be summarized in the File/Album/Track Count in the right-hand corner.
  7. To access error reports, you have the option to:
    a.) click on the arrow to the left of the failed file name to expand error messages in the browser window,
    b.) click the "Download Report" button to download a CSV report to your local drive, and/or
    c.) click the "Email Report" button to have a CSV sent to your email address
    Note: Metadata, Album Art, Lyrics, and Audio exceptions report CSVs are generated separately, you must be on the appropriate tab to access that report.​  Exceptions reports via email max out at 10,000 lines to keep attachment size down, to view a full report over 10,000 lines you must use the download option.  For more information, see article.
  8. Correct any file errors and re-upload until every file in the the Metadata/Album Art/Lyrics/Audio tabs shows a Status = "Pass".  
    Note: Click the "Delete" button to remove failed files from the list.
  9. Click "Review & Submit" to cross validate new assets and receive a summary of assets for submission.  
    Note: The green "Review & Submit" button will only be active if all Metadata/Album Art/Lyrics/Audio files loaded Pass validation and all uploads from the browser and Egnyte are completed.
  10. Review summary to verify submission. "Submit to APM" button will appear green if submission passes cross validation.  If "Submit to APM" button is red, there are unresolved "Cross Validation Exceptions" and/or "Extra Assets" that must be resolved.
  11. Correct any missing or extra files by clicking on tab "Cross Validation Exceptions" to see a list of missing files and "Extra Assets" to see a list of extra assets missing metadata.
    a.) To resolve missing assets ("Cross Validation Exceptions"), close the Cross Validation window and upload missing assets.
    b.) To resolve extra assets ("Extra Assets"), delete unintended assets directly in the window or close the Cross Validation window and upload missing metadata file that corresponds to the extra assets.

  12. Review specific updated assets (updates to metadata fields "Album Description", "Track Description", and/or "Facets", Lyrics, Album Art, and/or Audio for tracks already in distribution) by clicking tab "Updated Assets"
  13. Submit valid files to APM by clicking "Submit to APM", at which point you will get a summary of your submission contents in queue and Library Portal will be temporarily suspended until submission is complete.
    Note: The green "Submit to APM" button will only be active if all Metadata/Album Art/Lyrics/Audio files loaded Pass cross validation and no missing or extra assets exist.
  14. Once submission is complete, you will receive an email confirming the submission and a unique submission ID will populate in the "History Log" for the asset(s) in question.
>For any questions or issues, please contact the metadata team through these steps.

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